MUSIVO LIVE Prides Itself as the Most State-of-the-Art Band in Kansas City

Musivo Live boasts a song list covering any style, and artists ranging from Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to LMFAO and Beyonce. It takes a lot of technology to be able to produce new-school music in a live setting. Some bands utilize shortcuts. Musivo Live refuses to accept this. If you wanted a DJ, you would've booked a DJ. You booked a live band, and you deserve one. We invest in absolute top-of-the-line gear to ensure the quality of sound we produce is absolutely beyond compare.


Hollywood plays on a Fender Deluxe Telecaster with an S1 Switch, and a modified Fender Strat with EMG hot rod pickups, a rosewood neck and a custom paint job. He also plays on a 1977 Les Paul custom with ash body and a maple neck.

He plays on a Hot Rod Seville 2 amp with 4 IOs. His sound is enhanced with a Roland GT100 pedal board. He uses Shure wireless componentry.


Mark plays on a Korg Kronos X-73, a RolandFantom-X7, and a Roland RD-700GX. His keytar is the Roland AX-7 with the Midijet Pro Wireless MIDI system. He uses a Traynor K4 Stereo Amplifier, and a Genz-Benz Shuttle 6.2-12T with the STL-12T extension cabinet. He uses the Ultimate AX-90R keyboard stand and ensures his gear makes it safely around the country with custom cases from RoadCases USA.


Derrick plays a Yamaha Beech Maple Wood drumkit, with Zildjian and Sabian Cymbals, and a brass shell piccolo snare. He uses Pro Mark sticks.

He uses Audix drum microphones, alongside a Mackie submixer. In addition, Derrick uses a Roland SPD-S sampling pad.



Chris plays on a Selmer Super-Action 80 Series I alto sax, and a Selmer Super-Action 80 Series III tenor sax. He uses the Jody Jazz DV 7* tenor mouthpiece and a DV 8 alto mouthpiece. He uses Mark Farmer's KC Tone ligatures and VandorenZZ'-2.5-3 reeds and Rico Plasticover 3s. Chris uses AMT microphone technology powered by the Shure ULX-P wireless system, and Shure PSM-200 wireless in-ear monitors. He enhances his sound with TC Helicon FX and Harmonizer unit, and astounds crowds when he brings out his Akai 4000S Wind Synth powered by a rack mounted Yamaha Motif. For his vocals, Chris uses a Sennheiser wireless mic with the TC Helicon Create XT vocal effects processor. Chris uses a DBX compressor technology. Chris keeps his horns in tip-top playing condition by the fine folks at B.A.C. Horn Doctor.


Ryan plays on a custom Harrelson Bravura, in raw brass with a Bauerfiend valveset and red paua inlays. He also plays a Martin Committee, and a Yamaha flugelhorn. He uses Marcienkiwitz mouthpieces. For live effects processing, he uses a Line 6 Pod X3 Live pedalboard.

Ryan uses AMT microphone technology, powered by the Shure ULX-P wireless system. Ryan uses Westone UM2 in-ear monitors powered by the Shure PSM200. For auxiliary keyboard work, Ryan plays on a Roland Juno-Di keyboard.

Ryan keeps his horns in tip-top playing condition by the fine folks at B.A.C. Horn Doctor.


Musivo Live uses top of the line PA gear made by QSC. Lead vocals employ the best technology available from Sennheiser. The entire band uses wireless technology to allow our stage show to venture beyond the stage!

We have a killer professional light show, powered by American DJ. Custom controlled and programmed via DMX, our high motion, high color light show adds a level of showmanship that will blow your audience away.