Kansas City Wedding Tip: The Cake

Here’s a tip from your favorite Kansas City wedding band!

cake-1323128-639x960As a Kansas City band that has played more than 700 weddings over the last decade, I think we’ve done some research and have a few good ones for you!   Here is one.

Consider having your cake cutting moment just after your grand entrance. You may ask, “why would this be important?” Many times the cake is the center piece of the dance floor and most guests will have had a chance to see it as they come in the room.  Having the opportunity to move it earlier in the night can be advantageous since later in the evening, staff is generally attending to other dinner details, like filling champaign glasses and clearing tables.  It also means that as dinner is winding down, you can move on to toasts while the cake is being served to guests, ensuring that by the time the music and dancing starts there’s no delay in the rush to the dance floor; Let get the party started, right!?  One additional reason, and perhaps my focused intent with this tip, is that at the time of the grand entrance, your guests are paying full attention and are usually in good positions, seated and standing, to see and photograph the cake cutting moment.  Believe me, having those pictures for many family members and friends will be something very special for years to come.

As with most wedding tips and advice, whether something is a benefit depends on the situation. Particular considerations that may seem simple, and yes, sometimes contrary to what a bride has pre-determined she wants, can be very beneficial to keeping your event moving in step with your timeline. There are, of course, a comprehensive array of websites out there dedicated to the wedding world, but as a vendor truly invested in your night’s success, we wanted to take a minute  to give you our insight on an agenda item that can ensure a smooth flowing reception.

Until next tip, Cheers!


Chris is MUSIVO LIVE's sax player. He also sings lead and backing vocals.

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