Our Origins

Because many of you have been asking about the origin of MUSIVO LIVE, I thought I’d take a moment and share a bit of our band history. All of us in MUSIVO LIVE were previously well known as members of the popular dance/party band “The KC Allstars”. We have been playing together for years in some of the most popular venues around the Midwest and beyond.

We formally parted ways in January 2013 from our booking / management rep, who continues to use that name with other musicians who are obviously not us. We decided it was time for a change and set out for new adventures. Many suggestions came our way while searching for just the right band name. After a discussion among band members, and many sleepless nights, we reflected on one constant theme. This band is made up of a vast and diverse collection of people and cultures. We are black, white, Dominican and even Canadian, with musical backgrounds and styles ranging from funk to rock, jazz, blues, latin, progressive rock, classical, doo wop, pop and hip hop. “MUSIVO” literally means “mosaic” in ancient Latin and like a mosaic, we are all differently shaped pieces, colors and textures, fitting together to create more than just a great LIVE sound but an amazing family. I make this distinction because we wear it as a badge of honor. We really believe in the motto “strength lies in diversity.”

I hope this was informative and please keep the questions coming. Yes, we are planning some public shows and yes we promise to keep most of our clothes on 🙂 No, I do not have any tattoos…or do I? And yes, Laura is the most beautiful girl on the planet! Until next time, live life and love it!

Chris is MUSIVO LIVE's sax player. He also sings lead and backing vocals.

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